May 6, 2016

First Tattoo Studio in Existence to Feature the New PiQo4 Tattoo Removal Laser


Pigment Laser Tattoo Removal Center is proud to be the first tattoo studio in existence to offer the breakthrough technology of the new PiQo4™ laser, the first 4-wavelenth picosecond laser to receive FDA Clearance. This new laser system is capable of treating more tattoo inks than any other picosecond laser on the market. Jeremy Miller, Tattoo Artist and former reality show contestant on Spike TV’s Ink Master, says “We strive for quality above quantity, and as such, we have built a brand that is recognizable worldwide in the tattoo community. We feature a very unique model of an upscale studio with a dedicated fine art gallery, and a laser removal clinic as well, which is very uncommon in the tattoo industry.” He adds:

“In 2014 we purchased a competitive pico laser because it was said to be the most innovative technology, and in doing so, we were sorely disappointed. While the technology may have been advanced in some areas, overall innovation was lacking in the equipment. This, of course, did not come to light without months of use and minimal results. After being let down by such a substantial purchase, we were determined to give our customers the absolute best, and began the search for a new system. That is when we discovered the PiQo4 Laser sold by Zarin Medical. The PiQo4 laser has 4 wavelengths (which is like having 4 different lasers in one machine)”

“The PiQo4 has a lot of benefits;”

  • “Our previous laser is limited to using small spot sizes which limits how deep the laser beam penetrates, and also limits the speed of treatment. If you had a sleeve tattoo, lower back tattoos; etc the client laser’s treatment took an extended amount of time. With the PiQo4 laser this time is cut down by as much as 80%, which is more beneficial for ourselves and the client. The patients don’t have to sit for so long and the treatment is more comfortable.”
  • “It makes more sense to us economically as well. It cuts the treatment time down, which in turn cuts the cost down!”
  • Since the PiQo4 has much higher energy, and larger spot sizes, we are seeing much faster tattoo clearances.

Other lasers have only one or two wavelengths that target only certain ink colors. Studies indicate that nine of the most common tattoo colors are highly absorbed by the FOUR wavelengths (lasers) that are found in the PiQo4 system. The previous lasers were only effective in treating a few of the common tattoo ink colors.

Additionally, the other laser systems are limited to the lighter skin types, whereas the PiQo4 is safer on both darker and lighter skin types. It was an important factor in their decision to choose the PiQo4 laser. Now, they can provide the proper treatment to all skin types and the broadest range of colors.

When asked if they were going to use the PiQo4 on any other pigment issues of the skin, Jeremy responded “While we, at Pigment, do not use the system for any other purpose than tattoo removal, we do staff a medical director name Dr. Adrianna Guerra. Dr. Guerra is a fully licensed medical practitioner and has plans to use the laser for any other procedure in which it is capable: such as melasma, age spots, birthmarks and other conditions that haven’t been successful with other devices.

Pigment’s initial choice to purchase the PiQo4 was a result of technology. When every competitor in town has one system, they can accurately state that their system has the same functionality and then some. Jeremy Miller states “However, I was raised with the statement that ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ Due to this fact, I was personally the first person to have a tattoo removed in our studio with the PiQo4. From that one treatment, I have seen substantially more results in my own tattoo removal process than was ever seen with our previous device.”

About Pigment Tattoo & Laser Removal
Pigment Tattoo & Laser Removal dedicates their organization to an extraordinary level of customer service and support. This is accomplished by placing the needs of the customer ahead of their own, and realizing that the customer is the true reflection of their success. Pigment continually dedicates themselves to the highest level of tattoo quality in existence. Due to this, Pigment studio has received over 400 magazine and book publications worldwide, and over 100 awards from four different continents. Pigment is recognized within the tattoo industry as a leader in tattoo innovation. For more information visit

About the PiQo4
The PiQo4 system is available from Zarin Medical™. Zarin provides a suite of lasers for aesthetic procedures (hair removal, photorejuvenation, vascular conditions, etc.) and medical conditions (feminine rejuvenation, urogynecology, etc.)    Zarin can be reached toll-free at (844) 927-4600. Visit or for more information.



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