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  • Jeremy Miller

  • Thomas Page

  • Whitney Lockner

  • Cody Jones

  • Monika Salazar

Jeremy Miller - Tattoo Artist

Jeremy Miller

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Jeremy Miller has been tattooing for sixteen years. He got his start while on active duty in the United States Air Force by taking an apprenticeship at a small studio in Abilene, TX. He is known around the world for his unique style of tattooing known as Texas New School. Jeremy’s work can be seen in hundreds of tattoo magazines and other publications, and he has won over sixty awards at tattoo conventions around the world. His dedication to top quality and unique tattoos led to him being named as one of the top tattoo artists in the world by being cast on the first season of Spike TV’s “Ink Master”. While he is known for his unique style of tattooing, he also takes great pleasure in doing tattoos of all styles and sizes.

tj new school bean skull

Thomas Page

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Thomas Page grew up in the country of Panama, where he developed his artistic skills from a very early age. As a painting major at Texas State University, Thomas has a firm understanding of all things Art. He has been tattooing since 2009 and has developed a unique style of realistic tattooing based on strict attention to detail and a strong understanding of form and structure. Thomas’s work has received over twenty awards from tattoo conventions all around the world. While he is proficient at every style of tattooing, he strongly prefers to work on realistic black and gray tattoos.

Whitney Lockner

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Whitney hails from Michigan. In November 2017, she joined our crew.  She’s been tattooing since 2010 and really enjoys traditional and fun illustrative designs with her own special little twist.  She loves dogs and coffee.  The end.

Cody Jones

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Cody is cool. He has a beard. Need proof? Come on by and see for yourself. It’s a good one!

Monika Salazar

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Bio coming soon