Tattoo Removal
Does It Hurt?
Individual experiences with tattoo removal can vary. While there may be some discomfort, we prioritize your comfort by employing cold and topical numbing cream as needed.
Will It Remove My Tattoo?
Our goal is to meet your satisfaction. During your consultation, we'll assess your tattoo, estimate the number of sessions required, and if necessary, continue treatment at no extra cost until you're content.
How Many Treatments Will It Take?
The number of treatments depends on various factors: ink type, amount, color, depth, and location on the body. Tattoos closer to the heart often clear faster. We've observed a roughly 40% reduction in treatments compared to other removal lasers.
Are There Any Guarantees?
We evaluate your tattoo during the consultation, provide estimated sessions, and ensure additional treatments, if needed, are at no extra charge.
How Much Does It Cost?
We believe in transparent, session-by-session pricing. No lengthy prepaid commitments-your choice on timing and frequency. Our pricing is guaranteed to be the lowest, using advanced PiQo4 laser technology.
Why Should I Choose PiQo4?
It's the most powerful tattoo removal laser, potentially reducing treatments by 40%. With nanosecond and picosecond pulses, it efficiently breaks up ink. The larger spot size ensures deeper contact with ink, making it safer with fewer side effects. PiQo4's power and four wavelengths effectively treat all tattoo colors. 
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