Tattoo Removal
Does It Hurt?
Everybody has a different experience with tattoo removal. Does it hurt? It may. We will use cold and topical numbing cream on the area if needed. Our goal is to make this as comfortable as possible.
Will It Remove My Tattoo?
Our goal when doing laser tattoo removal is to achieve satisfactory results based on your judgment not ours. When you come in for your consultation, we will evaluate the tattoo and give you an estimated number or sessions. Should it not be removed to your satisfaction, we will continue to treat the tattoo at no cost to you.
How Many Treatments Will It Take?
This depends on many things. What type of ink was used? How much was used? The color of the ink, the depth of the ink, and the location on the body will determine the number of treatments. Tattoos that are closer to the heart tend to clear faster than those that are not. Again, everybody has different factors, but we have seen an approximate 40% reduction in treatments vs. other tattoo removal lasers.
Are There Any Guarantees?
At the time of your consultation we will evaluate the tattoo. During that evaluation we will provide you with the estimated number of sessions. Should your tattoo require more treatments, we will treat the tattoo at no additional cost to you.
How Much Does It Cost?
We believe session-by-session is the best way to go. Price will vary depending on the complexity of the tattoo and size. At Pigment Tattoo & Laser Removal, we believe in being transparent with our clients. We will not attempt to lock you into a lengthy prepaid commitment with minimal savings. We believe that you should have the choice of when, where, and how often you seek treatment. We offer a pricing guarantee and post our pricing. We want to ensure you that your tattoo removal pricing is the lowest available, while using the most advanced laser removal technology available.
Why Should I Choose PiQo4?
In short answer the PiQo4 is the most powerful tattoo removal laser available. Its been reported that PiQo4 tattoo removal laser can reduce the number of treatments by 40%. By utilizing both nanosecond and picosecond pulses, the PiQo4 is able to break up the ink quickly and proficiently. Also, The PiQo4’s power allows treatment at a larger spot size while applying the same amount of energy to the skin vs other tattoo removal lasers. Where as the PiQo4 removal treatments can start as high as 15mm other lasers start at 8mm or less. The larger spot size provides deeper contact with the ink, and a makes it safer, with less of a possibility of undesired side effects. Further, the PiQo4 power provides and uses four wavelengths treats all tattoo ink colors effectively.

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