Lumenis PiQo4 Laser Technology
Laser tattoo removal has been around for 15 years. These Q-switch lasers HAD provided the best laser tattoo removal option available. Q-switch lasers do have their place, and the best picosecond lasers also include Q-switch pulses. The problem with many tattoo removal clinics is that they buy the older Q-switch lasers, which are much less expensive to buy. This makes setting up shop easy and economical. Even a new laser can be of older technology! The problem is they do not pass the savings on to the consumer; instead they make promises and do not guarantee results.

Most companies who provide laser tattoo removal in Austin are good examples of this. They market their product and leave the customer disappointed in the end, instead of providing the results the customer desires. Remember, generally speaking you get what you pay for. Tattoo treatments with inferior tattoo removal lasers can take twice as long to clear tattoos.

Time is precious. Who wants to have to go back for possibly 10-15 treatments? Especially knowing that there are other lasers that treat much faster. The Q-switch lasers have other shortcomings. While many clear larger ink particles, these lasers can’t clear deeper or smaller ink particles and will not have any further fading. Clinics with these lasers are forced to use small spot sizes that often won’t clear deeper inks, can cause excessive tissue damage, and take more time to complete.
The power of the PiQo4 allows us to clear those remaining inks. Comparing the power of a PiQo4 laser and a Q-switch laser is like taking a Prius to a NASCAR race. It’s just not in the same league! When used in either picosecond or nanosecond mode the PiQo4’s power is significantly more than ALL other tattoo removal lasers currently available. Again, with more power comes larger spot sizes. With larger spot sizes comes deeper treatments, and with deeper treatments comes faster clearance.
This PiQo4 gives incredible versatility for faster tattoo clearance, providing an answer for frustrated patients with resistant inks and lingering tattoos and shadows. It has 2000 millijewels of power, increased spot size, 4 wave lengths, and 4 different pulse durations (composed of nano and picosecond). We are confident in our ability to provide the safest, most advanced, highest powered, and versatile system used for laser tattoo removal in Austin, Texas.

We are so confident in our technology and process that we offer both a performance and pricing guarantee. We encourage you to do your own research. Ask other providers for proof that they are the safest, most advanced, and have the highest-powered system as many claim. All of our stats and functionality come directly from information published by the individual manufacturers. We believe they speak for themselves!

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