Lumenis PiQo4 Laser Technology
Laser tattoo removal has a 15-year history, with Q-switch lasers previously considered the best option. While Q-switch pulses are still relevant, some clinics opt for older, cheaper Q-switch lasers, failing to pass on savings and making non-guaranteed promises.
Many Austin-based laser tattoo removal providers fall into this category, leaving customers dissatisfied. Investing in inferior lasers may extend treatment time, requiring 10-15 sessions. Q-switch lasers have limitations in clearing deeper or smaller ink particles, leading to incomplete fading and potential tissue damage.
Enter the PiQo4, a powerhouse compared to Q-switch lasers. It outshines in power, spot size, and versatility, treating resistant inks efficiently. With 2000 millijewels of power, increased spot size, four wavelengths, and nano/picosecond pulses, its Austin's safest, most advanced, and high-powered laser removal system.
We're so confident in our technology that we offer performance and pricing guarantees. Research for yourself, inquire about safety, advancements, and power. Our stats and functionality, directly from manufacturers, speaks volumes.
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