Is Laser Tattoo Removal Right For Me?

As good of an idea it was to get that tattoo, you may also have some reasons to get it removed. Perhaps an old flame has gone cold, or you made a mistake on that wild spring break, or you could be moving on to a different stage in your life. Our laser tattoo removal system can help. At Pigment, we will help you turn the page and start with our precision laser tattoo removal.

Also, we offer services for those of you who are not so much interested in removing as you are in having space cleared for your next piece of art. We will work with you and your artist in reducing the appearance of the tattoo. This will enable your artist to create the art you are looking for, and not just another cover up.
Why Choose Pigment?

At Pigment we use a state-of-the art laser for unwanted tattoo removal, in an environment that is not stuffy or cold like a medical office. Instead, we choose a higher end, custom tattoo studio to partner with. Using the Lumenis laser in this environment is a first of its kind. We are proud to be under the same roof as some of the most talented tattoo artists in the world. Our partnership with Pigment’s tattoo artist makes perfect sense. We offer a one of a kind service and the artists create one of a kind pieces of work.
Buy 4 treatments and get the 5th free! 

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